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Sea grasses are seed-bearing, flowering, rooted plants, which grow submerged, exclusively in marine coastal waters and coastal wetlands. There are only about 60 species of sea grasses. The actual number species is being reviewed currently. Like grasses in terrestrial habitats, they form meadows on the bed of coastal seas. They are dependent on light penetration for photosynthesis; therefore they generally grow only in clear, shallow waters, in estuaries and coastal seas. They can not survive out of waters, therefore they often grow where is shelters from a sand bar or coral reefs. Sea grasses should not be confused with seaweeds. Multi-cellular green and brown algae – also found in marine environment- are usually called seaweeds or kelp. Although they can photosynthesis and make their own food, seaweeds lack complex specialized cellular tissues for transport of food and water that are found in sea grasses. They also lack flowers and fruits –structures that are specialized for reproduction- as well as roots.
Author - eko susilo
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