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An Ode to Buddha - Gal Vihara, Sri Lanka

Of all the Buddha statues I have seen – in India, Japan, Thailand, Bhutan, China – the very best are undoubtedly at the Gal Vihara in central Sri Lanka. As you gaze upon these larger-than-life stone carvings, you can feel the peace of the Buddha’s teachings descend upon you. Between them, the four statues depict the Buddha seated, standing and reclining; meditative, sorrowful and serene. The 4 statues, each carved out of a single piece of granite, were part of a monastery (vihara) built in the 12th century. They are all that remains of the monastery. But they are enough. Each one is a masterpiece reflecting the skill, but also the love and devotion, of its sculptor. The serenity of the reclining figure as the Buddha prepares to achieve Nirvana; the stillness of the meditative Buddhas, the sorrowful expression of the standing Buddha...
Author - Pamposh
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