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Money saving tips

When you are saving money, the important thing is not how much you are saving, or how much money do you have in your bank or retire account. The point is for what and why you are saving your money. You need to have a plan if you want save money for retire, future investments or emergencies. If you are just saving money because you like when you see your account balance in 50,000$ or something like that, I just need to tell you my friend, you are in problems… Why you are in problems? INFLATION! Inflation happens all the years. All the years prices goes up, and if your money is not working for you on investments or backups (gold,silver,diamonds,etc) inflation will “eat” your money.

Author - Chapo
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Business Cards Online said...

Inflation is a killer. It should make companies more profitable as they can charge more and make more and then your investment in them goes up. But this isn't always the case.

Mike Hungary said...

Should be a really great way of saving money - do love it!
Thank for publishing!

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