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Exotic Orient - Istanbul

A day in Istanbul, a city that straddles two continents, the meeting point of Christianity and Islam, steeped in history. A city of soaring spires and cascading domes, fantastic palaces and crowded bazaars, exotic spices and fabulous jewels. Join a sema of Whirling Dervish Sufis, enjoy a leisurely Turkish bath in an 18th century hamam. Visit the imposing Aya Sofiya (Hagia Sophia), church, mosque and museum all rolled into one, dating back in its present form to the 6th century. Cross the square and enter the Blue Mosque, with its 6 minarets and numerous domes. Go inside to see the 16th century Iznik tiles that give it its name. Lose yourself in this city that conjures up images of the Exotic Orient, of pashas and sultans and intrigues in high places. Of the scent of spices and the colors of eastern bazaars…

Author - Pamposh Dhar
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