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Destination Adventure - Butuan

Butuan now beacons you to explore its wonderful adventure destinations. The city is fast becoming as the Philippines' favorite site for outdoor activities...backpackers, trekkers, mountain climbers, spelunkers out there...or those simply adventurers by heart and spirit will surely be thrilled with its numerous surprises. Yes sir and madame, Butuan have sunsets of gold, festivals of red and blue, waters of crystal hues, mountains and hills of green.. all waiting for your adventure. Welcome... the paradise beacons you. Come up close.

Author - Francis Kho
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Anonymous said...

wonderful...the water is sooo crystal clear

I want to dive in for my own adventure too!

Weight Loss Diet said...

Looks beautiful.

Reverse Cell Phone Lookup said...

Beautiful for sure. We vacationed down in the south Caribbean several years ago and it looked quite similar. The only problem was cell phone reception with Verizon.

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