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Butuan - Explore an ultimate destination

There is a bounty of pristine white sandy beaches near Butuan. All natural, secluded and worthy of your adventure. Mention the term white sand beach resort to a typical traveller and most usually, it’s only Boracay or Mactan that are mentioned in the list. Not known to many are the jewels of CARAGA, the long stretch of fine white sandy beaches along the coasts of Lanuza down to Cagwait to Lianga and Breton. These places are teeming with natural and unspoilt beachfronts that deserves admiration from all the beach lovers out there who now have become a part of huge crowd who cram their way in that similarly beautiful yet small cramped island there in Aklan. If you love just the beach and worship just the sea and sand yet hate the crowds…head on to CARAGA beaches. Cagwait; Lanuza, and Breton are all accessible from the city center with 3 to 4 hour car rides. Some portions of the roads though may not be as seamless as that in the city….but once you get there, everything is worth the adventure. Explore Butuan and Beyond today…Guaranteed No crowding. Guranteed adventure.The beach is all yours…

Author - Francis Kho
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