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Advertising with YourFINDit., an aggressive business social network owned and operated by TransWorldNews, strives to become the next step in the evolution of web 2.0 by combining eleven of the most widely used interactive internet applications and providing them all on one website. YourFINDit brings companies and their products/services directly to people who are looking for them through the daily press release. Interactive advertising brings relevant information pertaining to a company’s products and services at a time when you are searching for it. Other advertising mediums are less specific and more blanketed advertising methods are becoming increasingly void of value.

Author - Brendan Smith
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NFL Draft said...

Looks like a great site. I found some submission services that publish a press release to 50+ sites that is very helpful in promoting new products and sites.

Free Acai Berry said...

I am taking a look at their service right now.

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